A Colorful, Surprise Beach Wedding

Okay, so sure… we’ve all heard of a surprise proposal… 

You know the moment: one person plans to propose so they book a photographer, usually under the guise of a family session and the photographer and the “proposer” work together to plan the very moment that the question will be “popped”. They are always super fun and capturing the emotion in those moments is just a treat for me. 

Enter Ron… who decided to step things up a notch and surprise his finance Bex with a wedding ceremony! That’s right, a surprise wedding! Now, the surprise didn’t exactly happen on the day, but Ron took the time to call a planner and get everything set up so that he could simply let Bex know that in 3 days time they would be meeting on the beach on Captiva and would be getting married! 

Ron originally proposed to Bex in April and the two have been trying to nail down wedding plans ever since but just kept running into roadblocks along the way. So planning took a back seat to life and business. Then in October Ron realized that he could make a simple plan to elope on the beach while they were on a trip down to Captiva, Florida. Perfection!

I went into this knowing that it was a “surprise” but I was the one who got the real surprise when the couple showed up, cute as could be! Ron was in one of the most fun and colorful shirts I’ve ever had a groom wear and I could immediately tell that they were a couple who know how to have fun! The ceremony was short and sweet which allowed us to get right into the fun of the couples photos. Bex had a blast in front of the camera and I could tell that she was less nervous  since the formalities were over with. 

Overall, I had such a wonderful time meeting and getting to know this couple. I wish them all the best and hope if they ever find their way back to this part of Florida that we can have another photo session.

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