Intimate Windy Beach Wedding

Sometimes these small beach weddings are just so hot, humid and buggy… that was not the case with this day. When I arrived at the beach it was easy to see that this day was going to be incredible. So much wind!! The temperature had finally begun to cool down and the clouds were doing dramatic dances in the sky. 

I walked down to the ceremony site to see a musician, dainty wooden chairs, a lovely arch, and a slightly anxious groom. Dayron was well dressed in linen pants and shirt, perfect beach wedding attire, waiting to hear of his brides arrival at their wedding location. I met Agostina on the boardwalk with her father. She was calm and collected and we took a few moments to meet and grab a few shots of her with her dad and all the beautiful movement from her dress dancing in the wind. Sometimes some of my favorite shots are the ones that aren’t technically perfect, they’re off focus and blurry, maybe off center but they capture parts of the day that you didn’t realize you’d want to remember. That’s what I did with the photos of her dress. I slowed down my camera speed to show all the movement, I wanted her dress to be blurry in the image because that shows you the motion and makes the moment feel organic. It gives it context at the moment.

Ceremony got started shortly after her arrival. It was such a sweet time, watching the two of them exchange their vows with their family members present, their two year old son watching his parents declare their love publicly. The wind swiftly carried their words of love high over those seated behind them. 

We walked down to the water line after the ceremony to take their bride and groom portraits, the setting sun finally peaking through some of the lower clouds to give us cotton candy skies and gorgeous glowing light for most of our time together. I really love this time with my bride and grooms. We get to chat more about why they chose Florida, a smaller wedding over a large one, how their day is going and what drew them to each other in the first place. Family portraits were the final touch to this lovely little evening.

Arch, chairs, and Officiant: Janet with Beach Weddings Made Simple

Venue: Bowditch Point Park

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