White Orchid at Oasis Wedding

The Hoffmyers – December 4th, 2021

This was such a fun wedding! 

I absolutely love the venue White Orchid at Oasis, it has a vintage, classic vibe that can easily be curated to fit your wedding day design.

Bride Bria reached out to me on a referral she received from a mutual friend. After chatting about wedding day details it was quickly clear that we were a perfect match for her wedding day. She told me she was a very easy going person and that the planning was going to be simple, yet elegant and she was so on the mark! We spent several weeks chatting back and forth, discussing a few ideas of how the day might progress, order of events, and some ideas to help make certain that she had time to get all the photographs she and her fiance wanted from their day. 

One of the things we added into the timeline was a first look between her and Aaron. At first, Bria was a bit hesitant, but I helped to ease her nerves about it by explaining that a first look is a wonderful chance to get a quiet, special moment between the two of them before the hustle and bustle of the day sets in. Your wedding day moves so quickly, it’s important to take time to slow it down together. After hearing this, both Bria and Aaron were on board and we added the time into the timeline for the day. 

Their day went absolutely perfect! Everyone was on time and Bria was, as she said, very laid back. It helps when you have a team that is just incredible at what they are doing. As guests began arriving I began to notice that many of them were people I know from the bar and restaurant industry and it was fun to see them enjoying themselves and celebrating their friends outside of the bars they work in.

Ceremony was quick, but meaningful. This allowed us to get right into another round of couples portraits as the sun was setting on the river. Everything just felt magical! 

Congratulations to you Bria and Aaron!! I wish for many long years together of happiness, good health and immense amounts of fun!

Cheers to the newlyweds!

Venue: https://whiteorchidatoasis.com/

Planning and floral design: Michelle Westman

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