South Florida Beach Maternity

Little Hickory Beach, Florida

Oh I get so excited when I get inquiries about maternity sessions! I simply love taking pictures of expecting mothers. It is such a special time in their lives and of course, it should be memorialized with beautiful images that will last for a lifetime. 

When Marci messaged me about doing her maternity photos I think I might have squealed a little with joy, ha! See, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Miss Marci for several years now from our time working together and it’s been an absolute joy to watch her family grow. 

After a great conversation about what she would wear and deciding if she wanted to use any of the dresses from my client closet she chose a beautiful, elegant white dress on her own. Then we discussed location ideas and decided on the gorgeous spot of Little Hickory Beach, she easily fell in love with the pristine sand and intense rock jetty. Placing her on such hard rocks allowed her softness to come forth in the images even more, such a lovely juxtaposition. With her husband by her side we quickly went to work creating some memorable images and while the main focus was on Marci, it took lots of love to make this baby so I took time to make sure I got to show their love for each other and capture their excitement for this new chapter in their lives. 

In true South Florida summer fashion, we had some early afternoon thunderstorms roll through that day which can be a cause for concern but they cleared up in plenty of time and brought some calm weather in their wake. A light breeze, slightly hazy sky, calm waters, and hardly anyone out on the beach. A recipe for beach photo shoot perfection! 

We started down by the waters edge, right at the precipice of change, because wherever is change more visually represented than at the beach? Where the land meets the sea. And becoming a first time mother is a big change. From here we wandered around the small alcove where the rock jetties are located, climbing up onto the rocks and coming back to the water. Funny enough, each time I get to visit this location there is always one very boisterous white bird that tends to follow me around and this time was no exception. He made his presence known with his noise but never backed away from us, almost like he was cheering us on during the session. Towards the end of our session I asked Marci if she’d like to get in the water and she was totally into that idea, yay! So into the water we went, her white dress was just perfection against the blues of the water and the orange color of the hazy sky. 

Congratulations to you Marci and Daniel, you’re going to be incredible parents!










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