Virgin Islands Destination Wedding

Sometimes in life you get to meet the most incredible people, and sometimes those people end up being your good friends! What’s even better is when those people ask you to be part of a day that means so much to them in a place that is absolutely magical, this is where Zak and Tiffany’s story begins.

My husband and I met Zak about 8 or 9 years ago when working in the local bar scene and easily became friends as we all had many common interests. Tiffany came into the picture a few years ago and fit in so seamlessly that it was like they had always been together. She inspiries so much confidence in him, it’s quite fun to see him shine in her eyes. Talking with them together and learning all about their love has just been a pleasure. Each of them have grown as individuals as well as a couple, giving and taking in all the right ways to create a happy, healthy bond that is one of the strongest I’ve ever seen.

In February Zak came over one evening while Tiff was at her dance lessons to tell my husband and I his exiting news, he and Tiff were going to be getting married!! They had already worked out the major details and decided the wedding would be happening in a place that was incredibly special to both of them, The U.S. Virgin Islands. We were so happy for them and even more elated when asked if we would not only be able to travel to celebrate with them, but they asked me if I would be their wedding photographer. I can hardly form the words to describe how thrilled and honored I felt. Everything was set to happen in May of the same year.

The flight down to St. Thomas was too much fun! Being on the same flight as many of the other friends invited as well as Zak & Tiff made it feel like the celebration had begun from the moment we reached the flight gate! A couple days of vacation fun with some new, but fast friends had all of us so ready for their big day on Saturday. Zak & Tiffany and the majority of friends were staying at the Margaritaville Resort in St. Thomas.

The morning of the wedding started off a bit cloudy and somewhat drizzly, but soon cleared up toward the afternoon. They had chartered a catamaran for the wedding day called Sabarge. The boat picked all of us at the resort and we were off to see our friends get married. One small pit stop in St. John to pick up the catered food and some of Zak’s local friends to complete the guest list. Once all aboard, we then were chartered out to Cinnamon Bay to have the ceremony right on the bow of the boat. What a sight! I’ve hardly seen water so clear and such a gorgeous shade of turquoise. Is there anything more special than being married by one good friend, having another capturing photos of that moment and even more bearing witness to a love so beautiful? And for me, being able to capture this moment for them amidst one of the most breathtaking landscapes I’ve been in, to say I was experiencing complete joy is an understatement. 

Silánte Zak & Tiffany! I’m honored to have been present for this day and to be your friend.

























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