Everglades Wonder Gardens Intimate Wedding

Have you ever wondered what a mermaid looks like when she gets married??

Well I’m here to tell you that she looks beautiful!

Enter Janaye… the stunning mermaid we were just wondering about. She contacted me several months ago to book me for her wedding. Turns out, she was engaged to a customer that was a regular patron of the beer bar I used to work at (it always makes me laugh how small my world really is). She tells me that they are getting married in one of the greenhouses at the Everglades Wonder Gardens in Bonita Springs, FL. Oh! And she has blue hair! WOOOOOOOO! I don’t know if you know this about me, but I love a non-traditional bride. I adore when they choose bright colors or have colorful hair or just decide to do something different that really encompass who they are. Maybe it’s my Gemini nature… but as much as I love those classic wedding trends that never die, I equally get excited for something out of the box.

June weddings in southwest Florida are always beautiful. The summer rains have started and the surrounding nature is usually lush, green and in full bloom. The Wonder Gardens were no exception and created the perfect backdrop for this colorful couple to tie the knot. After a short and deeply personal ceremony preformed by a close friend and neighbor of Janaye and Josh I captured some candid moments in the greenhouse along with several group photos of the friends and family that were in attendance. Janaye hand selected those who got to be there and it was wonderful to see all their love and support for them. We then went for a stroll around the gardens to capture some couples photographs that will be as unique as the couple is in every way.

With the bride being as excited about colorful images as I am we did not shy away from the bright light of midday and instead chose to embrace it as much as we could, without melting in the June heat. Shadowed walkways and bright sunny grasses made both our creative hearts happy! Cheers to this newlywed couple! Im so thrilled to see what the world has in store for you.

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