Little Hickory Beach Park Micro Wedding

Holiday weekends always have a big buzz around them, especially down here in the sunshine state where there is no shortage of fresh air and coastline to play in. Memorial Day weekend brought even more buzz for me as I was headed out to Little Hickory Beach to photograph an intimate wedding for a local couple. Amid the celebrations and frivolity of the other beachgoers, Andrea and Leo and a few of their close friends and family said their vows and tied the knot. Their ceremony was heartfelt and fun. Andreas mom was their officiant which added an extra layer of meaning for them to have their wedding completely created by family (and a little help from their planner to get going).

As they completed their vows and exchanged their rings those beachgoers around them could be heard cheering and shouting their congratulations! What a fun time! Some family and group photos were taken right after the ceremony and then I got the chance to take just the couple down to the waters edge to capture their couples portraits. They then told me that Andrea is also pregnant! Since they are both teachers for our local school district summer break was the perfect time to relax and begin their new journey together as a married couple and family of 3. Baby won’t be born until later in the year but the summer is the perfect time to soak in their newlywed bliss and daydream about how their lives will be forever changed as their family grows.

My challenge happened after their wedding, during the time when I was editing. There were so many people on the beach that day, so many distractions in the background of their photos that are supposed to be focused on them and the magic of their day. So my job became to remove those people and distractions to give Andrea and Leo photographs that showed the day as they remember it, just them and their family. I always enjoy when I get to flex my Photoshop skills a little harder than my typical color correction and cropping.

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