A Boho Styled Family Photo Session

As a family photographer I often have the pleasure of watching certain families grow, right before my eyes, this family is no different. I first met Marci back in what seems like a lifetime ago when we both worked at the same local craft beer pub. Oh how different our lives were back then, it’s almost comical! Fast forward several years, and here we are, both (mostly) grown up, married and with growing families of our own. Last year I had the joy of photographing Marci’s maternity session on one of our gorgeous local Gulf Coast beaches and now that baby is about to turn 1 whole year old and he’s going to be a big brother! How exciting!! This mamma wanted to celebrate her first born’s first year with a fun family photo shoot and I could not agree fast enough to be the person they chose to document this special time for them. 

We chatted together for a few days and Marci was able to tell me that she wanted the photos to have an outdoorsy, somewhat bohemian feeling to them. She knew she wanted lots of nature and greenery. My first thought was to head to Caloosahatchee Creeks Preserve. This location is wonderfully maintained and, especially in summertime, is lush with striking green ferns, tall pine trees and hearty oak trees. There is also a gorgeous field filled with tall grasses that give the feeling of being in a true wilderness, all while being easily accessible to a great many people that stop in. Marci and I agreed that it was the perfect location for their session. 

This mamma has a great sense of style so she didn’t need my assistance in selecting outfits that would not only look great with the chosen location, but made her family look polished and put together without being too “overdone” for our more rustic choice of scenery. Her long, ruffle top dress in a cream color offered picturesque contrast to all the greenery and she expertly color coordinated her husband and son. Style perfection achieved! 

But beyond all the decisions made on clothing and location, this photo session was about more than just taking some pictures. This is a milestone that Mom wanted to capture and keep forever; a moment in time that she wanted to freeze so she and her family can look back and remember. Details make a difference on milestone sessions like this one, what his hands looked like as they reached for something that sparked his interest, how he clung to mom at first because he was nervous to be in an unfamiliar situation, the smile that crossed his face as dad snuggled in and gave him kisses on his cheeks… These are the kinds of memories that should be captured, the little things that, when put all together, tell the story of this family and how they are growing as people. 

Seriously, I love that this kind of story-telling is my job! 

Interested in your own family photo session?? Please reach out! I’d love to talk to you and find out what questions you have and learn how we can tell your story together. 

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