LGBTQ+ Barn Wedding in Central Florida

Sometimes I look around at those that are out on “met on the internet” dates and feel a little sad for them. You can always tell when people are feeling awkward or just uncomfortable. But then there are couples like Katarina and Kristi who break the mold when it comes to online dating. 

These two met online just prior to Covid shutting down the world and they ended up quarantined together. Some might feel so unsure of this and quite afraid of how the relationship could turn, but not these two. They were drawn to each other, a magnetism that took hold and hasn’t let go since. They have so many similarities, from doting blissfully on their fur babies, to their mutual love of all things Disney, not even a global shutdown was going to keep them apart. 

Katarina popped the question on a rugby trip to Atlanta when they went up a day early to go to the Georgia Aquarium. She proposed in front of the penguins, which happen to be Kat’s favorite animal, because they exchange a pebble and mate for life! Kristi then proposed back a few weeks later at their house amidst flowers and candles in their bedroom.

The wedding day happened at October Oaks Barn in Webster, FL. Now, for those of you that are like me and had no prior knowledge of where Webster, FL is I’ll happily enlighten you, lol. It is in Central Florida, just outside of Orlando really and the venue itself is where you would expect a barn to be, in the middle of a sprawling grassland with almost nothing of any neighbors in sight. When I arrived the brides and their maids were smack in the middle of getting hair and makeup done. I threw on my jacket (because the day was surprisingly cold for Florida) and got started capturing their wedding details: shoes, rings, flowers, dresses, photos of the venue itself… The Getting Ready part of the day is probably my favorite. I can feel the excitement building as we get closer to getting the brides dressed. 

The ceremony was kicked off by a “beer boy”, strutting down the aisle and gently tossing frosty beverages to those lucky few that got their hands up first. A quick sip for the two officiants and things were under way! Kristi was walked down by her two cousins and Kat escorted by her parents, it made my heart smile to see how excited each woman was when they finally saw each other in their dresses. 

After the ceremony we had some fun with bridal party photos and then went around the grounds to create some beautiful couples photographs that the ladies will cherish forever. I think my favorite part of the day was their first dance. Instead of being introduced and walking into the reception hall of the barn, the DJ called out their introduction and two huge doors were slid open to reveal them slow dancing together, already out on the dance floor. It was an extremely sweet and special moment. 

And I will say, you have not lived until you’ve partied with Rugby player women! These ladies know how to have a fun time and Kristi’s teammates did not disappoint on the dance floor. Kat and Kristi, I wish you both the best in your new life together and may your marriage always be as strong as your dogs urge to take naps!

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