Best Friends for Life!

What is it like to have a best friend? 

It’s having someone you can talk to about anything, no matter the time or what else is going on.

It’s knowing that someone is there for you through thick and thin in any given situation.

It’s cracking the silliest jokes and knowing that they’ll laugh with you and not at you.

Being able to be completely comfortable in your own skin around another person.

Some people find their best friend later in life, through work or having kids in the same sports or even college… but some find their best friend when they are young, what seems to be even more rare are those friendships that last and continue to thrive as they grow into adulthood. 

That is what I got to capture with this session, two friends that have been able to grow together, lean on each other and maintain one of the most fun relationships I’ve ever seen. These two women came to me to ask if I could document their friendship, 22 years of being one anothers best friend and I jumped at that opportunity! Personally, I have two best friends that I have known for my entire life. The 3 of us are so different in so many ways, but we have watered and grown our relationship with each other over the years. Being given the opportunity to capture another set of besties made my heart smile. They told me that they each have families of their own and that their children and husbands are also close friends now!

After talking to them and figuring out what they would like to bring with them I quickly realized that these two were going to be fun and I think I spent more time laughing with them than anything else. Beers being sprayed at each other, cake smashing, piggybacks, hugs, balloon fights… the fun was endless!

It all reminded me that family is special and sometimes it’s the family you choose that you’re closest with and lasts the longest.

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