Intimate Destination Wedding on Captiva

These smaller, more intimate style weddings have filled my summer months this year and I’m completely in love with it! 

Each couple I’ve met has been so wonderful, sweet, and just head over heels for each other. This couple in particular had me crying my little eyes out all during their ceremony… it was just too sweet to listen to! The love and devotion for each other was clear as day in everything from the words they spoke to the interaction with each other as they exchanged precious and personal vows. 

Dimitri and Hailey picked a gorgeous little house on Captiva to stay in and their planner set everything up right on the beach for them. I learned last minute that Dimitris’ father and mother were able to come all the way from Israel to witness their son marry the love of his life! How special! Especially in the times we’re living in now, with international travel being a bit tricky. 

As soon as Hailey started down the pathway with her father I could see Dimitri’s face light right up. And then that special moment when he could see her for the first time, in her dress… cue tears and imaginary fireworks! I don’t know if I’ve seen a prouder father than Hailey’s at that moment. Their vows to one another were beautifully written and evoked so much emotion from them and their family… and me! Little jokes sprinkled in to all the realness just made them that much more wonderful to hear.

After we were all done crying, I mean once their ceremony was complete we were able to capture family portraits for all those who were able to attend. Clouds in the sky gave a little added drama and dimension to our scenery for their couples photos, and who doesn’t love a little drama in the pictures?? Watching how Dimirti and Hailey interacted with one another just continued to show me how much love they carry, how much they respect each other and that they love to have fun with one another. 

Best wishes to this couple and their future together!!

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